The Steam-Plant

Fujifilm X-100; ISO-400(A); f5.6; 1/60-sec

Fujifilm X-100; ISO-400(A); f5.6; 1/60-sec
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It’s not clear to me why NIK (recently acquired by Google) is suddenly giving away their entire product line for free (at least to former purchasers like me) – but as long as they are I figured that I’d take advantage of it. After having the full-suite of NIK Lightroom plugins for years, I have been thinking for a while of springing for the PhotoShop versions, but free sounds better than paying money. I suspect that Google is about to change the business-model and maybe make this a subscription-based structure. I hate that subscription shit, and I may never sign up for it, but at least I now have the full current versions of everything including the PS plugins.

This was processed first through Lightroom and then using the PS-plugins through Vivesa, Dfine, and Color Efex. I hope that Google doesn’t screw this up – those NIK modules are great.

I now work at a small liberal-arts college in SE-Pennsylvania as a network engineer running the campus computer and wifi network. One of my current projects is to track down all the campus fiber-optic cable because some of it is very old and there is no documentation for what’s-what or where it goes. This job is getting me into some of the mechanical rooms and other dark-and-dingy corners of the campus that few people ever see except my fellow on-staff Morlocks. I have taken to carrying my Fuji X-100 around to grab any images that strike me as I work on this (I love that little camera). This is in the building that is known as the Steam-Plant which used to provide heat to all the other campus buildings. My high-tech fiber-optic cable is in this room mounted on the wall behind me.