The Blog

Although I didn’t originally intend this to be a “photography blog”, it seems to have evolved into that, so I am surrendering to popular demand, goin’ with the flow and I will set up another blog for my general writing. Should anyone be interested enough to bother, you can e-mail me and I will send a link to my Flickr account where the bulk of my creative imagery is including many things that pre-date this blog. I’m not putting the link here publicly because I would like to keep these worlds separate as far as modern technology permits.

The Author

As of Q4 2012 I am a 59-year-old male. I have been into photography since I was in high-school many, many years ago. Those were the days of film of course, and I even got a little experience with developing and printing when I helped found the photography club back there. Photography is my one “creative outlet” and I tend to be more of a tech-geek than artist. It is also my one expensive hobby, so I have been able to spend a god-awful amount of money on equipment.

Although I consider myself to be strictly amateur, I often do volunteer photo “commissions” for local non-profit groups and acquaintances in our area, and my stuff shows up in marketing material, newspapers and web sites regularly. I am not possessive about my work and I use a very open Creative Commons license. I also do not mutilate my photography with stupid logos or those idiotic translucent watermarks that so many people use. It is my opinion that if you are that scared of your work being “stolen” that you shouldn’t put it online in the first place. If you want to download and use anything that I have posted – knock yourself out.

If there is something that you are burning to say to me feel free to contact me via e-mail at;


My other blog, the other one focused on general writings and ramblings, is titled; “John’s Jejune Journal” and if you are interested you may find it here;