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Room with a View

Room with a View

I haven’t posted in this blog for a long time. Actually, I haven’t been taking many pictures for a long time. Between work and buying a new house and moving and other stuff, I just haven’t been motivated.

I am out-of-town for a conference in Atlanta Georgia this week however, and I brought along my little Fuji X100 traveling camera to amuse myself with when the presentations start to get deadly. I have a laptop with me (of course) and some basic editing software (PSCS-5) but I don’t have my full processing kit available, so I am going to redo these when I get home. In any event, I thought that I would get a couple out here just for the hell-of-it.

I am staying at the conference site in the Atlanta Westin Peachtree hotel – that big cylindrical landmark building that you always see in “Atlanta” portraits. The first shot is a view from my hotel room on the 35th floor about half-way up. This was processed a fair amount in PS, but unless you are a professional photojournalist there is nothing wrong with a little artistic license. You may be able to see me waving from my window in the reflection of the hotel in that dark building on the left.

I suppose that the X100 may be considered “old” at this point, but I like it a lot. Most people would just use their cell-phone camera for things like this, but I prefer to do “real” photography with a “real” camera with full manual controls and RAW output. Not only is the X100 small and light and convenient as a travel-camera with an APC-C sensor and good low-light performance and decent glass, it also has an optical range-finder-like viewfinder. Sometimes I use the back LCD screen to compose my shots, but I really don’t like eye-level LCD viewfinders and I almost never use it in this camera. Of course, there are limitations to an optical VF. The primary issue here is the fixed single-focal-length lens. There are times when I wish that my framing could be tighter or wider, but working with “What’s There” and the limitations of your equipment is part of the art of photography. I just don’t think that I could give up the optical VF for the sake of interchangeable lenses in a compact travel camera – that’s what my big mirrored SLR is for.


Westin Peachtree; Atlanta Georgia

Westin Peachtree; Atlanta Georgia


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