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A Good Day for Cats

click to enlarge IPhone5; f2.4; 1/1000-sec; ISO-50

click to enlarge
IPhone5; f2.4; 1/1000-sec; ISO-50

No art here. I was just resting from some garden work and decided to snap something with the IPhone-5 I had in my pocket at the time just to fool around with it.

I am still a believer in “real” cameras. I only rarely see anything taken with a phone that looks like anything other than crap. I do admit that it is theoretically possible for good work to come out of one – the primary factor, as always, is the photographer, not the equipment. I think that one of the problems with most phone snapshots is that they are seldom processed. They are meant to be careless amateur throwaways snapped and posted to Facebook within moments by people more interested in the latest tech than quality images.  I guess that this is one point behind “Instagram”, but I am not inspired to try that because I have never seen anything from it that is anything other than horrid. Again though, I’m sure that this is dependent on the human hand far more than the technology.

I emailed this to myself from the phone and then went in on my “good” computer and pulled it into PS. I boosted the vibrance quite a bit and lowered the saturation slightly. I then took it into NIK Viveza and did some spot adjustments for contrast and brightness to balance the DR. The resizing was done in PS with a “sharper” option, which is usually all the sharpening that I do. The framing is SOOC.

The original file at full-res is rather soft, although in the bright sun with ISO-50 the noise, even in the shadows, was undetectable. I take the softness of the original to be a function of the tiny sensor. Physical sensor size is probably the primary telltale for potential image quality – not “megapixels”. I’m sure that the tiny lens didn’t help much either. I suppose that if the IPhone is all you have with you at the time, it is better than missing the shot altogether, but with compact APS-C sensor cameras in abundance on the market, I really can’t imagine using any current phone for “serious” photography other than for demo purposes. I still plan on carrying my Fuji X-100 around with me everywhere and haul out my Canon artillery when I’m inspired to try to donate something to posterity. Who knows though – maybe someday…


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