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Nuclear Dawn

Nuclear Dawn

Nuclear Dawn

It has been pretty nice weather all week and I have been carrying my X100 camera with me just about every day. Here are a couple of shots that I took on campus. The first was taken as I arrived just before 8AM on a morning with a frost. Classes haven’t started back up yet and the place is still pretty quiet. There is “art” all over campus and these pieces just went up a couple of months ago outside the school’s performing arts center. This was heavily processed through NIK Color Efex Pro-4 and then in PS-CS6 with some HDR-effects.  When I have an image that I like, but which seems a little dull, I often play around with processing effects until I find something that pops out at me.




This second one I took today with the X-100. This is a “water sculpture” on campus where the water flows down a black granite incline. The water is drained for the season, but the reflection look good to me. This was flipped top-to-bottom and again processed through NIK Color Efex Pro-4.


One response to “Nuclear Dawn

  1. I love looking at beautiful pictures, and the one labeled nuclear dawn is VERY beautiful. keep taking them! would love to see more =)

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