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LO-VE the Winter

Fujifilm X-100
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I have a busy photo weekend coming up. First, tomorrow night I have a volunteer “commission” to do a publicity shoot at a rehearsal for a community-theater production of “Annie” that is opening next week. Then a friend playing in a jazz quartette wants me to shoot them in a local club that they are playing Saturday night. Then Sunday I need to get back to the theater and do headshots and dress-rehearsal shots for the “Annie” production again. Business is booming when you give it away for free.

In the meantime I took my little X-100 on campus Tuesday when it was snowing and walked around in the middle of the storm shooting. I wanted to get these off the camera before I get snowed-under (so to speak) with other photo work. This is the first one that I processed, and we’ll see if I get to any more. This was more-or-less what I had in mind when I took it. It was processed through Photoshop CS-6 with the HDR “city twilight” filter.

I spent some time today browsing through the site “”. The “top images” and “top photographers” sections under “Gallery” has some really magnificent work. I highly recommend a visit (though beware that some of it is NSFW). The only downer about this site is that the photographers never discuss what they did or how. That is my biggest gripe with top-rank professional photographers – they never talk about what they do. It’s like it is a deep, dark secret and they are afraid that if they spill-the-beans then any-old yutz will be able to copy what they do and take the food out of their children’s mouths. Yea, whatever. I’m not interested in just gawking at other people’s stuff – I want to learn from it and if you are not willing to share the background info then you are of no use to me.


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